About Me

Confident, passionate and highly skilled digital marketing consultant and intelligence analyst specialising in social media.

An effective leader, proactive problem solver and skilled instructor with strong interpersonal, and exceptional presentational skills. Over ten years experience leading teams of up to thirty skilled professionals in highly dynamic, pressurised, time critical and results focused environments.

What I can help you with…

  • Development of digital marketing strategy
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing
  • Web development
  • Photography

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Proud to have worked with…

Social Media Word Cloud Analysis

Social Media Word Cloud Analysis This post was originally published on the MuddyWall.com website last year, however unfortunately the website has now been taken [...]

What is Social Media Intelligence?

Social media intelligence is the actionable insights and detailed, segmented information about consumers, competitors and markets relevant to your business.

Organising your social media contacts

One of the first steps I recommend to those looking to better manage their social media is to get organised. It's next to impossible to be efficient with your social media marketing when your contacts are lumped into one big crowd.

Let’s talk #hashtags with ModelinScene

Even if you are not the most social media savvy person in the world, chances are you have come across #oneofthese. What are #hashtags? How do we use them?

Social Media for Magicians (Magicseen Article)

Occasionally I am asked to write articles for various magazines in the industries that I have been involved in over the years. Last year I was approached by the editor of the magician's magazine Magicseen, Mr Mark Leveridge.